Law Enforcement, Older Adults and Senior Agencies Working Together to Enhance the Quality of Life of Seniors

The Racine County Triad Program was started by the Consumer Fraud Unit of the Racine County Sheriff’s Department in response to complaints received involving elderly victims of fraud. This consortium of Racine County law enforcement agencies, senior serving agencies and citizens was formally incorporated as a 501c(3) non-profit organization in the spring of 1996.

Since its inception Racine County Triad has been a consortium of law enforcement, older adults and agencies working together to enhance the quality of life of older adults by preventing senior’s from being victims of financial crime and elder abuse and by providing opportunities to remain mobile and independent.

Over the years our organization has grown in membership and participation. We cover the entire county of Racine including agencies and individuals in the western part of the county. Please Join us for a meeting! We meet on the first Tuesday of each month (excluding July) at 8:30 a.m. at Fountain Hills 1100 Fountain Hills Dr, Racine, WI 53406. Please contact us for more information on attending a meeting.

Why is TRIAD important?

Older adults comprise the most rapidly growing segment of our population. Increased life expectancy is creating new issues and problems for older adults and the criminal justice system.

What are TRIAD projects?

TRIAD offers many presentations to groups on subjects such as: Fraud Awareness, Elder Safety, Banking Safeguards, Identity Theft Prevention, Driver Refresher Training and Much More!

File of Life program

Host Conferences to keep older adults safe, active and mobile.RFC

Crime Prevention Programming

What are TRIAD’s results?

Improved quality of life for older adults in the community and reduced criminal victimization of our seniors!
Racine County Triad wishes to thank the Racine Community Foundation for its sponsorship of our community projects. To find out more about the Racine Community Foundation (RCF) click the logo.

RFC The Volunteer Center of Racine County and SafeAssured™ ID partner to bring Racine County families the most complete identification solution available to aid in the search for missing individuals. Events are FREE for Racine County residents age 55 or older. Sponsored by the Racine Community Foundation and Margaret L. Christiansen Foundation.
For more information or to schedule an event see the Racine County Volunteer Center Website


Contact Information

262-886-9612  —  800-201-9490
6216 Washington Avenue, Suite G, Racine, WI 53406

General Information: racine.triad@gmail.com

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